Next Door Monsters

Daniel Igenewari

You are a mortar

And I will pound you to my will

Your body is perfect

A good laxative for hiatus.


Your body is mine

Forget your rights

Whichever ones your conceited mind thinks you have

The dowry I paid was heavy

Powerful enough to throw them out the window.


Lay still and take a beating woman

The sight of your bloody eyes

Are the best Viagra a patriarchal culture can buy.

‘’I am yours’’ say it after me

I need to taste the words on your lips


….and so I watched

Day and night. As a child.

Season after season as I grew.

What was I to do, let him kill her?

I have but one regret. I should have done it sooner

It’s all quiet now, as silent as his heartbeat

And mother can smile again.


If you are going through any form of domestic abuse, be it physical, verbal, emotional, please know that it is not your fault and there is no shame in seeking help. Domestic abuse is not new, it cuts across the educated and illiterates, it is in the churches and out there in social circles. He/she might have put in your head notions of how you will not find a better person, believe me, these are lies an abuser would tell because he/she is scared of losing you.

Take your power back today, set yourself free, you deserve better. You deserve the best. Leave that house today, it not a home. Many have lost their lives to domestic violence, don’t be another story we hear in the news.

You are beautiful. You are unique. Don’t let anyone feel he is doing you a favor by being in your life.

Below are some help lines, if you are not comfortable talking to someone, at least call one of these numbers. And remember you are as good as anyone in the world. Not one person is more important than you and love doesn’t punch you in the face, love is gentle and patient.





Helplines for domestic abuse – 08057542266, 0812678443

Helplines for Child abuse –080857542266, 08102678443

Ministry of Women Affairs -08085754226

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