Sick of This Cell

Rukkayyah Iman
Can I take you to court ?
Can I charge you with murder and keep you in a cell like the one you kept my sister in?
Curtain by curtain you shut out her joy,
kept her in the dark
Wondering when you were gonna explode.
Imprinted on her were the inconspicuous never reconciling wounds,
She fought daily to Feel the texture
of what we call day to day life,
Mortality on a slippery slope,
Her heart had to fill itself
With Strength and hope.
You chased the beats,
Raised the pressure,
On the outside, Nana,
she always Looked like a mountain of treasure.
Those golden tear drops were no
Nectar to your venom in her veins.
All that treatment was never the key
To free her from your invisible chains.
You weren’t only injurious to her body
you were injurious to her soul.
But she rose above any toxic thought,
Yet it was always a losing battle
as you had her from the first blink of her eyes,
Though I thought she was mine,
she was always yours.
You kept her in a cell, and now we are in that cell caged to her memories.
I’d wish pain was transferable,
As for her I wouldn’t mind,
If she could rise on two feet
If I was down on my knees.
Photographed by: Hamid Ayodeji

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