Love Vine

Poems By: Tobi Adeola



The exact feeling I have right now
isn’t just how i’m gonna hold your tiny, tender palms so tight
to my enlarged perky boobs.

But how i’m gonna tell you the tales of the one
that nurtured me to your stage, and how it would have been blissful for you to learn a bit of her motivational style.

I just wouldn’t mind so much because you’ll be blessed to meet her second half. How sweet a memory it will be to introduce the world to her newest solution as you bask in the pool of love she offers.


White Guy

White guy next door,
Stop giving a hard stare when you pass by my flat.

I know you’ve been giving it a lot of thought
If I’m like the blacks you heard about or
I’m just your neighbor who has got a nice smile; glamorous wink; and pretty body, all to your admiration.

Do yourself a favor and give a slight knock on my door
I’ll be glad to welcome you into my vine of romance.

It really gets tiring watching you open your windows so wide, playing the “if I’m willing to follow my heart and love you song” as you peep into my room.

I caught you last night and the one before
Be a man and come up strong


Tell me you got the flowers for me before you grab my waist.

I’ll remind you of how I like the way you smile at me before you grab my upper lip, then followed by the lower lip.

Whilst basking in this erotic moment, say you are most blessed to have me, thereby presenting me some dark chocolate and nicely scented flowers in a hamper, placed by the bed side so that it would be the first thing I see.

I shall come over wearing a red dress, as early as dawn of the day.
Don’t worry your head over anything because I’ll come along with strawberry scented candles.

You’ll scream I love you for as long as you can.

Art Works By: @jonnyalves20