The Perfect Gift – Life


Isn’t it glee and pleasant
to receive a wonderful present
Of life wrapped in paper and ribbons of gold
A gift of value and beauty untold
Unexpected like a discourse event
Received from nature’s behest
Such gifts make us really feel good
The gift of life is powerful to change our mood
Life is like that fortune train
That fizzles and sparks from it’s main
It is the love that sits in our heart
And the creativity of our sense for Art.
Life to our dear beloved  earth,
who gave to all of us birth:
your imperfections we want to cure.
Will we succeed? Not so sure!
Just like a merry go round
Life goes round and round
Waiting for a lost to be found
Seeking solemnly without sound
Life is give and take
A cheerful one, a choice  we make.



A Moment with The Style Train

Born and raised in Nigeria, Fashion blogger, stylist, designer and fashionpreneur and the brain behind STYLEDBYBIE STUDIOS, Adedeji Adebidemi easily stands out from the crowd of stylish men without trying.

In this interview he speaks about his break through into the fashion space. He also reveals his fashion highlights for the past years. Seun Osho presents the excerpts.

What course did you read in school? And how was the transition from that into Fashion?

I am a graduate of Information and Technology form Crawford University, Igbesa, Ogun State, Whilst still in the university I realized my passion for fashion. ( I have a few awards from school to show it)

Were you given a window into Fashion or did you have to kick down the door?

I will probably say I was given a window judging from the fact that my mum had a textile brand.

What were the hurdles you faced getting your brand and business off the ground? Did family add or reduce the difficulty?

The hurdles were pretty much typical from financing, timing and being seen as a minor in the industry. My family especially mum supported me all the way.

via @thestyle_train

How do you balance managing being a brand, being a business and running a store? Are you ever faced with the dilemma of having to compromise one for the other??

When you realize early enough in life that there isn’t a brand without funds the better for you and the business in general

Who gave you your first big break/paid gig in Fashion

I will say Yemi Alade….

What are your dream jobs or business in and out of fashion?

Will love to open a restaurant in the nearest future (I want to be Professional Chef too)

Via @thestyle_train

You were at NYFW in 2018 year, how was it, how did it happen? What was the highlight of it for you?

My highlight was definitely sitting front row with some fashion kingpins and watch trends walk down the runway.

A lot happened in Nigerian Fashion this year, especially over the summer, what was the highlight of Nigerian Fashion in 2018 in your opinion?

Maybe Ebuka’s Ugo Monye agbada moment

Which Nigerian designers did it for you this year?

Emmy Kasbit, Jzo, Style Temple

Who are your top 5 most stylish personalities in Nigeria?

Genevieve Nnaji

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Wizkid Ayo Balogun


Toke Makinwa

How many Fashion cities have you been to and which is your favorite so far, including Lagos?

I should have being to over 15 fashion Cities, My favorite will definitely be New York City

Do you think the laid back, draped and over sized skater/ bohemian/ pop-culture themed street style among Nigerian teenagers (popularly called Alté) can become mainstream high fashion in Nigeria?

Absolutely it is gradually taking its place anywaiz

Who would make your dream team for a perfect all Nigerian unisex fashion project if you had to pick 2 designers, a photographer, 2 models, a make up artist and a set designer/location manager?

*Emmy Kasbit

Marvee official

*Tope Hopload

*Tamar Awobutu

* Toyin


* Myself

what do you like to do when you are not working?


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your style and who was it from?

Will definitely be from a total stranger on the streets of New York (Times Square precisely) who said I looked like African Royalty

Just how much of a foodie are you? Do you document your dining experience??

I am a Complete foodie, yes I like to document my dinning experience

Do you have time to date and are you seeing anyone?

I like to keep my personal information personal.

Is Moët Abebe’s bum real?

That’s for her to say but to my best knowledge It is 100%

Clearly, you like piercings, how do you feel about tattoos?

I love it from a distance for now

What’s the primary goal for the future?

To be a better version of myself physically, financially and spiritually

Isn’t this the best interview you’ve ever done?




Victor Gbenga Afolabi: Africa’s Culture and Art is the Gateway to a Buoyant Tourism Destination

The Chief Executive Officer of GDM group, Hazon Holdings and Founder of Eko Innovation Center, Victor Gbenga Afolabi in this interview with The Parakeet Show speaks on his journey into becoming a successful serial entrepreneur as well as the enormous potentials of the country’s Culture and Tourism space. Happiness Irabor presents the excerpts:

Tell us a bit about your background and journey into becoming an entrepreneur

I got my Bachelors Degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where I studied pharmacy, and then moved on to a Master’s Degree in Managerial Psychology from the University of Ibadan in 2016, as well as an MBA from Manchester Business School in 2018. I am also an alumnus of Lagos Business School as well as the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria, which has been of great help towards my entrepreneurship journey over the years.

Currently I find myself playing in the various key sectors of the economy where we have been able to make a lot of social economic impact.

What brought about the drive to establish Eko Innovation Centre and how has the innovation hub been able to support curators thus far?

My passion for creating enterprises of the future led to me founding the Eko Innovation Center which is basically a place where we accelerate technology driven innovative ideas by providing curators with access to capital, mentor-ship schemes, and all the support structures required to help businesses grow.

We have been able to identify the various vital sectors of the economy in which we are interested in accelerating innovations and enterprises that are adding value to the country and citizens.

Also, we are delighted to have partnered with the Lagos state government last year in an attempt to get the state government to handshake with the ecosystem of innovators, hubs and enterprise curators through design thinking sessions, in order to co create and accelerate innovations and startups.

Thus, we have been working on accelerating enterprises to their maximum potentials by providing all the required support needed to upscale. We have provided mentor-ship and hand holding initiatives, as well as the funding needed for the startups to become sustainable businesses.

At the Eko Innovation Centre we have an ideology of concept to commercialization. We believe it is okay to have an idea if you are ready to work towards making that idea a reality and available for patronage. It is in view of this we are ready to work with entrepreneurs and startups to support them with generating structure and funding that would sustain-ably develop the businesses across the various sectors of the country’s economy.

Also, remember that the innovation center is just 7 months old and yet we have been able to contribute quite a lot to the development of the Eco system.

How do you think innovators and curators can infuse African Culture into their solutions and enterprises in order to yield greater results?

One of the authentic things I believe Africa has is her Art and culture, which makes it a perfect tourism destination for local and foreign investors.

Her culture and Art is the gateway to a buoyant industry called, Tourism. Thus, we need to study the sector more in order to understand and harness its enormous potentials. Entrepreneurs should be able to build their business module in such a way that they tap into and leverage on the enormous potentials the sector has.

We have a very diverse, beautiful and rich culture that the whole world looks at and admires; so, it is up to us to leverage on it and create standard and conducive destination experiences for indigenous and foreigners across the globe that are looking to invest towards the sustainable development of our Society.

Meanwhile, on our part, we are working on a global Jazz Festival called, Runway Jazz because we know when you integrate Art and culture, into a business, you are projecting such enterprise for long term growth and higher yields.

Victor Gbenga Afolabi

How can we harness the rich volume of innovators and curators in the country and change young entrepreneurs’ mentality of selling off their ideas as a result of impatience and lack of access to capital?

That is why I created an enterprise that can mentor people, train and assist people to scale up. Young startups do not need to have such a mindset of selling off their ideas. Instead they should do the necessary ground work required to develop and accelerate such ideas into a sustainable and efficient innovation. Entrepreneurs need to have a long term perspective towards business and innovation.

One of the things that lead to that is when you do not see the potentials of what you posses. For instance; you are holding a seed and people tell you it is a mango seed and if you plant it, within five years it will be a mango tree and that mango tree will produce lot of mangoes that will last for the next ten years and you can then open a mango juice factory from the mango tree. Instead of working smart and being patient you decide to break open the mango seed and eat the nut instead of waiting five years to manufacture a mango juice factory.

What do you think is the level of innovation in Nigeria?

I think we are just scratching the surface, I think a lot of work needs to be done. We find some hubs which we think are not so vast in acceleration of innovative ideas, but rather, more into offering co working spaces. We think the business at hand is bigger than that. We think the real deal is how we create the mentor-ship and the hand holding experience for these entrepreneurs who are emerging into the economy as scalable businesses; how we can support startups to harness the tools required to change the lives of our people thereby, bringing out that local solutions that will transform the landscape which, is one of the major foundations upon which Eko Innovation Center was founded. Hence, it is okay to have an idea; it is okay to build castles in the air because we are ready to provide the pillars that would help the castles become a reality.



Love Struck


Her lips were as red as the roses decorated on her white garment.

Struck by her beauty and scent I followed as she ran towards the sunset above the sea.

Each step I took was a moment closer to a young Garden, where Love and Peace gets its deserved credit.

Each smile and gaze at me was a detox freeing me from the wicked old witch’s spell.

Light or darkness I could still see and feel her face and touch, thus I knew in her garden my seeds shall flourish.

How ever, I was neutral until your ever burning sensation sunk into my senses thereby, creating an energy I want, which was as pure and powerful as light.

My Love, i have been captured by your firm hold over my body and mind, leaving me seeking nothing less than freedom from the moonlight up until the sunrise.


Wide Leg Pants, a Timeless Staple

Wide leg pants have become a timeless staple piece in fashion. Year after year, from red carpets to magazine covers, fashion lovers and consumers continue to include the wide leg pants into their shopping list and wardrobe. Wide leg pants cover up muffin tops and hold your tummy in if you select the high waist cut. You don’t need to be of model height to rock this hot trend. Wide leg pants are perfect fit pants that look good on everyone and easily hides insecurities. Flared pants can make a very classy look when paired with a fitted shirt. Probably the easiest stylish ways to wear wide-leg pants is pairing it with a slim fit crop top or a shirt tucked in for a more formal or serious finish; heels are always a hit with wide leg pants, in the case of taller women flat shoes match smoothly with it.



Although a slimming top is the easiest and most flattering way to wear wide pants, opting for a wide top creates a cool silhouette.
We’ve curated some more stylish wide leg pants looks below for you to take a cue from when you decide to wear yours.

SpotLight: Jinmi Abduls Sets the Tone for a Golden Career

Emmanuel Obokoh

Jinmi Abduls is a Nigerian singer- song writer and producer. The self titled Jinmi of Lagos was born in Victoria Island, Lagos on the 27th August 1997. He started his music career by setting up a production and distribution outfit called Chase music. Jinmi Abduls is signed to his own chase music label. His first single, Long distance dropped in late 2016 and was followed by Golden in the following month.

Our correspondent spoke to him about his second single, which he says is a favorite of his. In his words, “Golden is a very personal song, it came as a follow up to long distance, golden is a song of prophecy, the song was about letting my lover know that even though the puzzle of my life might not be fixed at the moment, sooner than later everything would fall in place and be better”.

Also, he expressed that though his golden dreams have not yet been entirely materialized as he feels he has so much more to offer his numerous loyal fans, he is definitely on his way there, and by the grace of God, someday everything is going to be golden.

The singer, who is identified for infusing his core R&B/Pop sound with high life, released his first body of work, “JOLAG” (Jinmi of lagos) in 2017. The greed crooner has grown quite tremendously in such a short time as he has managed to garner a few thousand fans while creatively weaving his stories through music, warming his way into the hearts of listeners. Abduls has a management deal with THE PLUG, who he acknowledges has played a big role in the growth of his music and brand.

Via @jinmiabduls

He says that: “Working with the plug has been so amazing, so far we have done a whole lot within the few months we have been working together and we have a lot in store for everyone”.

The digital distribution platforms have no doubt played a major role towards easing music distribution for young talents like Jinmi. When he was asked about his perspective on the situation of the current music scene compared to what it was like a decade ago. He pointed out piracy as being less of a problem since online buying and streaming is now the mainstream method of music distribution.

According to him, artists are accorded more value now and monetizing music is much easier, also courtesy of the internet.

On his sophomore project, JOLAG 2 released in 2018, Jinmi Abduls explores a unique fusion of genres which paved the way to his sound we are more conversant with today. The EP featured 2018 rookie of the year, Teni on one of the tracks that made the compilation.

Via @jinmiabduls

Whilst explaining how the song came about, he recalled, “Teni… that’s my G from way back, when Teni came back from the U.S we basically made music together all day, we were in the studio like five times a week.

“We have recorded a lot of songs together, so when I was putting out my E.P… l just had to go through the songs we had done and I felt that once twice was the most suitable for the project to give it some sort of variety.”

Briefly after the release of JOLAG 2, Jinmi headlined his first show in Lagos, Jinmi Of Lagos Live! (JOLAG Live) in 2018, which he described as a wonderful experience for his careers and fans.

In his words as he could barely hide his excitement, “It was so fantastic connecting with my fans one-on-one, on my own headline show just after the release of Jinmi of Lagos 2, I am so grateful for everyone that came to support me, it was wonderful.

“It was a paid show and people were ready to pay for regular tickets; VIP tickets; it was packed at the entrance… I’m so grateful”.

In addition to an eventful 2018, Jinmi also got two nominations the same year at the Nigerian Teens Choice Awards for choice fast rising artist and choice male artist.

The title of the greatest story teller is another title Jinmi Abduls bestowed on himself as a pun for the narrative pattern of his music. When our correspondent asked him which was his greatest story ever told, he said he had already made a song about it which would be in his album.

In May 2019, he released an Afro RnB song titled Abena, currently available on all digital platforms for streaming, purchase and download.

“I did some experimenting on Abena , and it turned out good” is his response to how the song is fairing. Jinmi Abdul’s has since added a single, Greed with Oxlade, which is a banger.

Jinmi Abduls is a talent we’re looking forward to hearing from more often this year and in the years to come.


Revenge Porn: Sharing Nude Online without Consent Will Land You in Jail

I AM A VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Mira, a 300 level student in one of the most prestigious university in Nigeria studying communication, whilst also training to be an On air Personality as I wish to become a full time on air personality someday. But waking up this morning, checking my social media account, to find the greatest shock of my life: MY NUDE PICTURE IS EVERYWHERE ONLINE!!!!!!! With my name tagged on it and millions of comments. Everything I ever imagined to be came crashing down.

Who on earth could be responsible for this? Only one person’s name could come to mind, which was Dave Matthews my supposed ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ who had threatened to leak my nudes’ online if I ever ended the relationship.

I met Dave Matthews at a red carpet event in Lagos, where we connected instantly, so we started dating. We saw each other a lot, mostly because we were able to get in touch whenever we felt like it. But I started suspecting and hearing rumours of Dave cheating on me. Anytime I confronted him, he usually denies it until I caught him red handed. He came back and apologised and I told him this time, we are so done. Then he decided to take the rough part telling me if he can’t have me then nobody else will. He threatened to leak my nudes which I sent to him during the course of the relationship during our freaky moment. Don’t judge me, I love him and I did everything I could to hold on to him. What Dave Matthews did is a perfect example of what we call ‘Revenge Porn’

According to Wikipedia, Revenge porn or Revenge Pornography is the distribution of sexually explicit images or ideas of individuals without their permission. The sexually explicit images or videos may be made by a partner of an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent of the subject, or it may be made without his or her knowledge. The possession of the material may be used by the perpetrators to blackmail the subjects into performing other sex acts, to coerce them into continuing the relationship, or to punish them for ending the relationship causing distressed embarrassment which could leave a person feeling vulnerable and could possibly put them in danger.

At this age and time, the use of social media is wide spread across the globe that by the mere click of a mouse or the push of a button on a computer, mobile phone devices, or electronic tablets, messages or information may be sent across the whole universe whether as email, status uploads or broadcast. While social media platforms are now in vogue in terms of reaching out to the world, dissemination of information, keeping-in touch with friends, family, and loved ones, it has also become an instrument of betrayal, backstabbing, and blackmailing, causing distress to others in form of revenge porn.

Till date, the most commonly reported incidents of revenge porn have come from those who are in their teens, adults in their late twenties. The recurring case is jilted lover who is full of anger willing to seek revenge, cause annoyance to the person who gets in contact with such pictures with the intention to extort. Whichever is the case the victim of such revenge suffers injury to character, shame and unwanted exposure which can be extremely damaging for the victim. A violation such as this may leave the victim scarred psychologically and jeopardize future relationships.


While the UK government has acted swiftly to delineate from the crime by passing a law to check the crime in April 2015, the Nigerian counterpart is yet to specifically define revenge porn. In the United State of America, regardless of the fact that some states have passed laws prohibiting either the production or distribution of non-consensual pornography, there appears to be no federal law regarding this content.

The Communication Decency Act, a federal law passed in 1996 regulating pornography on the internet protects the websites and service providers from liabilities for content posted by users that they are not co-creators of.

In Europe, there is a ‘right to be forgotten’ law potentially resulting in European union wide-range revenge porn prohibition individuals have the right-under certain conditions to ask search engines to remove links with personal information about them. This applies whereby the information is inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant or excessive for the purposes of the data processing.

In Africa, there are no express laws regulating revenge porn. Although rampant, the society would rather castigate the victim than help get the culprit to justice.


In Nigeria, there have been series of revenge porn cases on the internet a recent example is the case which happened on twitter when some ladies alleged that a twitter user called ‘Asiwaju Michael’ raped them and the guy feeling his name has been soiled decided to release the ladies nude pictures and videos as a revenge for the alleged rape.

The question being, is there any law against REVENGE PORN in Nigeria?

The answer is YES!!!!!

Section 170 of the Criminal Code Act and section 24 of the Cybercrimes (Prohibition, Prevention) Act 2015, and section 37 of the 1999 constitution are the Nigerian enactments covering the field on the issue of revenge. A strict review of these two provisions covers some part of revenge porn if done on the internet and the perpetrator will be liable on conviction to a fine of not more than N7,000,000 (seven Million Naira) or imprisonment for a term of not more than 3 years or both such fine and imprisonment.

Under section 24 of the Cybercrimes (prohibition, prevention Act 2015), revenge porn is also a punishable offence. The Act touched a great portion of the grey areas. It provides that ‘any person who knowingly or unknowingly sends a message via a computer network system which is false, grossly offensive, pornographic, obscene, indecent or menacing commits an offence and is liable to a fine of 7 (Seven Million Naira) and or a term of up to 3 yearrs imprisonment.

A recent case was held in Ekiti State Jusice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, the suit, FHC/AD/17c/2017, filed by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Maami (SAN), and Ayan the complainant.

Counsel and FIDA member to the AGF, Mrs. Oyewole, told the court that Ayan had threatened to post Arare’s nude pictures on social media sometimes in 2017, when the lady told him she was no longer interested in the relationship

Oyewole further revealed to the counsel that, Arare, had pleaded with the convict, who is married with children, not to carry out his threat.

She added that: “the convict then requested N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira) as inducement for him to rescind his decision.

“Ayan however posted the victims nude pictures as she was unable to meet up with his demands. The prosecution called four (4) witnesses to prove his case against the defendant.”

Meanwhile, FIDA Ekiti in a statement released, praised the decisions of the Federal High Court stating that revenge porn is a gender based violence against the victim and totally condemns same. It is a crime against humanity and gross wickedness against womenfolk.

“It is condemnable and should not be allowed to strive in any civil society. We commend this judgement and hope it will serve as deterrence to others who are in the habit of abusing and molesting children girls.’’

Also, a cursory look at the provisions of the law would reveal that it is not in fact prosecuting the said offence, therefore, the legislators have a great work to do in passing the law that will reflect the face in issue wherein, revenge porn will be added. The world is evolving daily therefore; laws should be made to dance to the tone of this situation.

With the prominence of social media, there is an increase rate in the cases of revenge porn. However, a few persons have the knowledge of what steps to take towards stopping such menace.

Let me also mention that to avoid being a victim of revenge porn; don’t send your explicit pictures at all. Like the saying “PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE!”




A Colorful Rich Heritage of the Benin Kingdom

A Rich, Colorful Heritage of the Benin Kingdom

Oluseye Fakinlede

“He, who knows not the Oba, let me show him, he has piled a throne upon a throne…”

The lines of this panegyric revealed the underlined drama, a recount of history and entertainment during the 40th Coronation of the Omo n’Oba n’Edo Uku Apolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II, gallery exhibition at The Thought Pyramid Norman Avenue, Ikoyi Lagos.

Like a time traveler on April 29, 2018, I metamorphosed to become a participant in the coronation of the Oba as he makes his way from Benin, after the transition rites of the late Oba to Uselu, Eko Ehae, Usama Palace, Use Village and back to Benin even as Omoregie Osakpolor, the gallery exhibitionist and a Nigerian Documentary Photojournalist became my eyes and a raconteur telling me all about the coronation and explaining every detail, reason for the crowned prince’s movement at the gallery.

Thought Pyramid, Lagos, Nigeria

Participants of the royal occasion were art admirers; renowned photojournalists; and a writer who loves writing and telling entertaining African visual stories, whilst the colorful and epical avalanche pictures also re-affirmed my earliest beliefs in regards to how Benin is culturally endowed and why the Oba is greatly referenced.

The Ediaken (the crowned prince) leaves Benin for Uselu, after the transition rites are over, to Uselu, a symbolic place in the Benin history.

Asides form the other things he does at Uselu is the climbing of the symbolic palm tree which fed his fore-father, Ewuare, during a time of self-exile. He moves to Eko Ehae, Bachelors Camp, which is another symbolic place the crowned prince goes to for some ritual rites.

Next, he moves to the Usama Palace to Use Village where he plays the Akhue-a game that he played to get his addressed title and he is proclaimed by the Usama as the Oba of Benin with the title. It is noteworthy to know that the crowned prince spends three or seven days in these places to complete his ritual rites of 21 days.

Asides from the beauty and the scenery at the gallery, the coronation pictures, the costume, the improvisation, plot and setting have some underlining elements of drama, re-enactment, entertainment and mysticism.

Thought Pyramid, Lagos , Nigeria

According to my guide, at Uselu, the Ediaken, symbolically climbs the palm tree known as Udin ama meieson, to re-enact the suffering of Oba Ewuare; all crowned princes must go through this rite as a norms for their coronation.

Additional dramatic aspect of the coronation is the re-enactment of the crossing of the bridge at the Omi River which is followed by a mock battle between Oba Ewedo and Ogiamen with his followers.

From the coronation pictures of the Oba, placed on the wall, I could deduce that the whole process has a large percentage of music, songs and dancing as the Ekassa Dancers, are known for the symbolic spiritual cleansing dance.

The mysticism dancers are mostly male, wrapped in their white wrappers. The dance is only performed at the demise of an Oba and the coronation of a new Oba. Asides the Ekassas are the Ikppakohen, Isienmwenro amongst others. The beauties of these dancers are accompanied with songs and various dance steps as captured by the decisive shots of Osakpolor.

Lastly, the coronation pictures also revealed a rich referenced culture. African monarchs are highly referenced and the coronation pictures confirmed this. My raconteur revealed that trading activities in Benin was practically short down during the Oba’s coronation most especially on his way back to Benin after the completion of his 21-days coronation rites.

The gallery exhibition was an avenue to learn about art, history and entertainment even as they accompanied the coronation rites of the Oba of Benin. . . Long live the Oba, long live our traditions.


Visual Art

The Hyper Realist Steering the Contemporary Art Space

As Hyper-realism becomes more prominent in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, we have witnessed contemporary hyper-realists emerge, thereby creating and displaying innovative and spectacular artworks within the artistic space.

With Visual artists getting more support and deserved accolades, the Nigerian Visual art scene is boastful of talents blossoming from the regions of the country.

One of whom, exclusively for , Hamid Ayodeji, was able to have a conversation with, hyper realist Ken Nwadiogbu,

Ken Nwadiogbu

What is Art to you?

Art to me is a visual representation that starts a conversation, Art is way more than an aesthetic beauty, it has to portray a strong message that people can relate to.

What kind of message
do you intend passing across to anyone who comes across your art? Or what kind
of message do you feel your artwork passes across to an average art lover that
comes across it?

I want people to see my art and re-evaluate their lives and society and the world at large, I am opportune to see and witness so many things going on around the world, the idea that I can create Art-works around this socio-political impact in our society in different locations, the opportunity to be able to perceive how the world is, to re-evaluate people’s ideology, either to make it stronger, or different if wrong. My work starts a conversation that help people understand life, socially and politically.

How early did you discover your passion for Art?

Six years ago, I met a guy in University of Lagos, he was drawing the former VC of UNILAG, It was astonishing, I fell in love with Art immediately, i started learning and perfecting, then I became obsessed, my obsession then grew to total and absolute love for Art.

Can you say the people around you are supportive of your passion?

At first it was hard for friends and family to accept, because Art in Nigeria is not as recognized and appreciated as Law, Engineering and all others, but with time it grew and me showing people how lucrative it was and using my works to start conversations that have changed people’s lives, then family and friends became supportive of my art.

In your opinion what is the current situation of the art business in Nigeria compared to when you were much younger?

When I was much younger I did not know anything about art, it was when I started creating Art I got to understand there are Art galleries, Art collectors etc.

Today in Nigeria you can see that even people that are not even art inclined know about art, from the innovations of ARTX Lagos, to some galleries like RETRO AFRICA who are social media conscious, people that advertise on social media and push their galleries out there to the public, now there is growing presence in the Art world here in Nigeria but we are not there yet.

What inspires the uniqueness in your art?

The uniqueness in my art is inspired by the idea that i want to break out of the norm, society and issues. To also create a bigger narrative for people to understand and be inspired about creating works that represent a breakthrough, like my figurative three dimensional hyper realism, which is creating three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface so the object looks so real and at the same time making the paper look torn that people are almost bursting out of the paper, or are sort of caged behind the silhouette of the paper.

Tell us about the first piece of art you made.

Ken Nwadiogbu

The first piece I drew was of a lady I liked, trying to woo her, trying to get her to like me, her name was Tofunmi, she was a model, I created a masterpiece that expressed how I felt about her and it was beautiful, I took it to her house, she loved it but still did not agree to go out with me so I took it back. And yes I still have it till date.

If you were given the power to bring one art legend back to life who would that
be and why?

Ben Enwonwu, he is one of my biggest inspirations, not because of the kind of art he created but because of the kind of stories he tells through his pieces, he expresses Africanism in a very interesting manner.

What is the longest time you have used on one of your pieces?

The Witnesses, I used about 2 months to create that piece, because it had to do with 30 different eyes, and the 30 different eyes were perfectly picked by me, I had to travel around Nigeria to get pictures of eyes from friends that I needed to portray in the piece.

Do you have any piece of art that is priceless, which you feel you can never sell?

I think all my Pieces of art are priceless, I wish I could never sell any of my works but the beauty of Art is, it has to be seen, understood, perceived, owned and it has to be shown around the world considering that is the beauty of creating art. If it does not tour the world then who am I doing the art for, the conversations that burst out of the tours is what makes art really tangible and interesting and the experiences really amazing.


Considering how much influence emotions has over creating art, which of the emotions will you say drives you the most to create your Art?

The government, the people, the youths of the world lead me into creating art, also cultures, history, people’s experiences, having friends tell me what they go through, these are things that inspire me, my works are created to tell a story because I have something to say that I feel people all around the world can relate to.

Did you at any point in your life study Visual Art asides the basic fine art in
primary and secondary school?

No, I did not at any point study visual Art.

How do you know when it is time to pick up your pen or brush to start creating?

Every day I wake up, the moment you believe Art is just about the money you will not want to create art, but when you know art has to be created because you need to tell people different things, then every time you wake up you pick up your pencil to create art, because then you are not just doing it because you feel like doing it but to change the world.

Also how do you know when a piece is complete and ready to be shown to the world?

You do not know, you just feel it is complete, there is no actual meter that says “it is complete” you just feel it and you just know it is finished.

Have you always known you were going to become a visual Artist?

No, I never thought I was going to be a visual artist. When I was younger it was engineering for me.

What is your take on the increased appreciation and attention African Visual Artist are now getting?

It is amazing, African Visual artists have the best minds in the world, they are amazing, great and talented and it’s only about time the world notices that, it’s an awesome thing that has happened to African Visual artist and we can only hope for the best.

What colour do you feel you connect with the most and why?

I connect with blue, because blue is calm and soothing.


Second Image photographed by: @30.12photography





Visual Art

Blossoming Nigerian Artistic Scene

The blossoming of Nigerian artists and their artworks is something that cannot be undermined by the country’s slow but steady developing social economy, as we have witnessed the emergence of art pieces which showcases the nations enormous creativity and cultural strength.

With the likes of Ken Nwadiogbu, Zara Medudgu, Isimi Taiwo, Kareen Olamilekan, John Israel, Sly, Dennis Osadebe, IyunOla Sanyaolu and so many more blossoming into the scene, Nigerian Youths continue to play the lead role in the evolution of the artistic world as they flourish into what can be described as a butterfly that once was a cocoon.

According to a Nigerian, Abuja based artist Zara Medugu, “I think living in Nigeria has given me the avenue for contrast in my art. I do a lot of nudes, abstracts and cartoon like stuff, but that is not really the norm in terms of what you see when you go to most galleries or show.

“I am happy with the way I paint, but I know it is not what people expect, so sometimes I get discouraged. But at the same time it has allowed me to value what I do more, where I show my art and how much my art is worth. It has allowed me to look inwards more and stand solid in my
decisions as an artist, as well as allowing me to connect with a genuine

The multidisciplinary artist, during an email interview with describes her art as abstract with a usual use of colors, cartoon like figures, or something a little off: “I dabble in a lot of mediums, but my primary focus is painting. My subject is always really simple, but what I focus on in the painting gives it that odd constant that’s in all my work.

“I might paint a body, but the focus is the rolls or something else that seems irrelevant but makes up more of the visual story than the nude body. I give you pieces of a whole and never restrict the
meaning to what I was feeling at the time. Pink might mean love to someone, but
I have used it to mean confusion and loss.

“I love that everyone is expressing their creative side and it is more acceptable to venture into that. You can talk to someone who read a really strict course but is actually super into fashion or art and gets to do that now.

“However, I do not like that it has become two things; busy work and very political. I mean busy work in the sense that when people are not finding jobs or are not making as much money as they want; they
get into art to attract money rather than to create art, which confuses buyers and audiences.

“In a place like Nigeria where art is everywhere; but being an artist (or creative) has just become a viable path,
which is not allowing people who want to live off art to do so. It is over
saturating the market.

“It is hard to find platforms and avenues that
promote you rather than profit off of you. In the sense of it being political,
it’s become a situation where whoever has more money, more clout or more
connections seem to dominate the scene and already make it this exclusive and cliquey
sphere, while others are looking for an opening.


The 23 years old Artist further explained that: “WE NEED MORE PLATFORMS THAT AREN’T JUST COMPETITIONS! I think opening an art school, a residency program or providing more jobs within certain
spheres for artists is a step forward. Teach practical things in addition to
history and theories. Get an actual graphic designer to create posters, not
just someone who knows how to work a computer. Stop taking shortcuts and get
someone who has the actual skills to carry out what you want done. A lot of
artists and creative’s don’t know their worth because there’s always someone
willing to undermine them with a lower price or someone willing to price down
their work because they’re not as known as someone else. Artists work in tech,
in branding, in architecture, in all aspects of business and life. Hire one and
pay them.

Meanwhile, John Israel describes his art as an avenue to value and explore every form of
medium he comes in contact with, as his art requires the study of facial
features and figures, land and sea space, stylized.


“I would say commercialization is taking over
the Nigerian Art scene, and Nigerian artist are losing out their authenticity
in production. In simple terms; most young artist are after what is marketable
rather than staying true to their ideas.


“I think the government can put up grants and I expect to see more art residences within the country and also partner with neighboring countries on art residences and art exhibitions/projects. Even going for art seminars in other countries, fully funded,” Israel expressed.

Hamid Ayodeji @hamidayodeji for @theparakeetshow