SpotLight: Jinmi Abduls Sets the Tone for a Golden Career

Emmanuel Obokoh

Jinmi Abduls is a Nigerian singer- song writer and producer. The self titled Jinmi of Lagos was born in Victoria Island, Lagos on the 27th August 1997. He started his music career by setting up a production and distribution outfit called Chase music. Jinmi Abduls is signed to his own chase music label. His first single, Long distance dropped in late 2016 and was followed by Golden in the following month.

Our correspondent spoke to him about his second single, which he says is a favorite of his. In his words, “Golden is a very personal song, it came as a follow up to long distance, golden is a song of prophecy, the song was about letting my lover know that even though the puzzle of my life might not be fixed at the moment, sooner than later everything would fall in place and be better”.

Also, he expressed that though his golden dreams have not yet been entirely materialized as he feels he has so much more to offer his numerous loyal fans, he is definitely on his way there, and by the grace of God, someday everything is going to be golden.

The singer, who is identified for infusing his core R&B/Pop sound with high life, released his first body of work, “JOLAG” (Jinmi of lagos) in 2017. The greed crooner has grown quite tremendously in such a short time as he has managed to garner a few thousand fans while creatively weaving his stories through music, warming his way into the hearts of listeners. Abduls has a management deal with THE PLUG, who he acknowledges has played a big role in the growth of his music and brand.

Via @jinmiabduls

He says that: “Working with the plug has been so amazing, so far we have done a whole lot within the few months we have been working together and we have a lot in store for everyone”.

The digital distribution platforms have no doubt played a major role towards easing music distribution for young talents like Jinmi. When he was asked about his perspective on the situation of the current music scene compared to what it was like a decade ago. He pointed out piracy as being less of a problem since online buying and streaming is now the mainstream method of music distribution.

According to him, artists are accorded more value now and monetizing music is much easier, also courtesy of the internet.

On his sophomore project, JOLAG 2 released in 2018, Jinmi Abduls explores a unique fusion of genres which paved the way to his sound we are more conversant with today. The EP featured 2018 rookie of the year, Teni on one of the tracks that made the compilation.

Via @jinmiabduls

Whilst explaining how the song came about, he recalled, “Teni… that’s my G from way back, when Teni came back from the U.S we basically made music together all day, we were in the studio like five times a week.

“We have recorded a lot of songs together, so when I was putting out my E.P… l just had to go through the songs we had done and I felt that once twice was the most suitable for the project to give it some sort of variety.”

Briefly after the release of JOLAG 2, Jinmi headlined his first show in Lagos, Jinmi Of Lagos Live! (JOLAG Live) in 2018, which he described as a wonderful experience for his careers and fans.

In his words as he could barely hide his excitement, “It was so fantastic connecting with my fans one-on-one, on my own headline show just after the release of Jinmi of Lagos 2, I am so grateful for everyone that came to support me, it was wonderful.

“It was a paid show and people were ready to pay for regular tickets; VIP tickets; it was packed at the entrance… I’m so grateful”.

In addition to an eventful 2018, Jinmi also got two nominations the same year at the Nigerian Teens Choice Awards for choice fast rising artist and choice male artist.

The title of the greatest story teller is another title Jinmi Abduls bestowed on himself as a pun for the narrative pattern of his music. When our correspondent asked him which was his greatest story ever told, he said he had already made a song about it which would be in his album.

In May 2019, he released an Afro RnB song titled Abena, currently available on all digital platforms for streaming, purchase and download.

“I did some experimenting on Abena , and it turned out good” is his response to how the song is fairing. Jinmi Abdul’s has since added a single, Greed with Oxlade, which is a banger.

Jinmi Abduls is a talent we’re looking forward to hearing from more often this year and in the years to come.