A Dance of Her Brave World

Daniel Igenewari and Joy Ibifuro
Some night she dances
with tears in her eyes
In her brave little world.
Some days she smiles
But its only a fickle light
In the dark of heart throbs.
The heart wants what it wants
Whatever that might be
Incessantly it longs and cries
Till her being is subdued
Last night she heard a voice in the walls;
What if its not of this world?
What if the things you want don’t exist here?
She assures herself once more at the break of dawn
She tells herself, “it’s the start of a new beginning.”
But then she wakes up from her slumber of a better life
And sadly we all know;
Hope is after all only a dream,
Isn’t it?
Artwork by: IyunOla Sanyaolu
With bruised knees she lifts herself
Once again dancing to the tune of the uncaring crowd
Hiding her agony in smiles
What a world she dwells in
where a tear drop of innocence is worth less than a piece of a filthy rag
How did it come to this
She scurries up and down the earth
But it won’t take her in;
No accommodation for a forbidden seed
So precious but yet forbidden
Her heart thickens with bitterness
With panting and heavy breathing
She speaks;
So soft that it could be called whispers
There is a dome that covers all
No passage of air
There are constrictions so far down there
Oh set her free from this mad hemisphere

Toxic Flame

by Rukkayah Iman
I kicked, i screamed, I fought. It didn’t matter.
I cried, I died, I grieved. It still didn’t matter
I yelled my prayers out laboring to escape
But there were no angels to my rescue,
only the devil in human shape.
Fractured in two, an exhilarating burn,
a fire you forcefully started that
still within me burns,
drought in the river; I cried a river.
Removing the breathes out my chest,
leaving me to quiver.
As loud as a new born child,
I shrieked no repeatedly
for the new born pain you implanted into me.
There was drought in the river
and then there was blood.
It just kept pouring,
there was a bloody flood.
Art work by: IyunOla Sanyaolu
And here I am again
trapped, kicking, my body seizing,
trying to run and increase
the volume of my screams,
until I wake up in a puddle of sweat,
struggling to swim away, it was just a dream,
It’ll fade away, but it doesn’t.
I have a mountain of tissues,
I make paper planes
I use them to try and escape the shame.
The pain, It sits with me through the rain,
it attacks my mind before I sleep,
I’ve tried counting but instead I’m
being chased by my blood stained Sheep,
I couldn’t escape it then,
I still can’t escape it now.
I grieve everyday for the old me,
the happy me, the carefree me, free spirit me.
Even my therapy sessions can’t set my soul free.
Forceful fire, I mistakenly burn my loved ones with this heat,
forceful fire, my war wounds are not visible, the kind of ones you cannot treat.
So I grieve every single day for the old me,
the one that got away, with a bulk of me.
Art work by: @iyunOla

Your Hurt is Dust

Tobiloba Adeola

I heard its best not to regret what once made me smile
But that’s not all about you,

our love definitely made me beam like the sun in the day

And I always looked forward to a tomorrow with you,
with the evidence of joy in my heart

And an acknowledgement that you’d remind me of how amazing I am

Multiplied by the goosebumps you leave my body to cleave upon;
thinking about it now inspires me, which makes me feel worthy of better

Although, you are gone and that hurt sometimes,
maybe because my memory kept more records of our moments together

Especially the times we laughed at jokes and shared nice kisses as i just would never make myself believe I wasn’t enough, I’ve always felt like a super blessing to the world

Of Which was one of the huge factors that made our souls create such euphoric fire

Now it’s all being reduced to ashes and that’s alright

Goodbye to you till we meet again

But never for once think I’ll be broken forever, my tears have rolled down and dried up

My heart is healing because it’s got a lot of loving to give out

I’m a queen and I create a great path of strength for my followers

I won’t be one to prepare a seat for my past to mock me,
my future has got a big treasure kept and I’m headed to the top to own __




Next Door Monsters

Daniel Igenewari

You are a mortar

And I will pound you to my will

Your body is perfect

A good laxative for hiatus.


Your body is mine

Forget your rights

Whichever ones your conceited mind thinks you have

The dowry I paid was heavy

Powerful enough to throw them out the window.


Lay still and take a beating woman

The sight of your bloody eyes

Are the best Viagra a patriarchal culture can buy.

‘’I am yours’’ say it after me

I need to taste the words on your lips


….and so I watched

Day and night. As a child.

Season after season as I grew.

What was I to do, let him kill her?

I have but one regret. I should have done it sooner

It’s all quiet now, as silent as his heartbeat

And mother can smile again.


If you are going through any form of domestic abuse, be it physical, verbal, emotional, please know that it is not your fault and there is no shame in seeking help. Domestic abuse is not new, it cuts across the educated and illiterates, it is in the churches and out there in social circles. He/she might have put in your head notions of how you will not find a better person, believe me, these are lies an abuser would tell because he/she is scared of losing you.

Take your power back today, set yourself free, you deserve better. You deserve the best. Leave that house today, it not a home. Many have lost their lives to domestic violence, don’t be another story we hear in the news.

You are beautiful. You are unique. Don’t let anyone feel he is doing you a favor by being in your life.

Below are some help lines, if you are not comfortable talking to someone, at least call one of these numbers. And remember you are as good as anyone in the world. Not one person is more important than you and love doesn’t punch you in the face, love is gentle and patient.





Helplines for domestic abuse – 08057542266, 0812678443

Helplines for Child abuse –080857542266, 08102678443

Ministry of Women Affairs -08085754226