Mount Kilimanjaro: An African Jewel


Oh Mountain Kilimanjaro!

The home of hospitality without discrimination and brutality

Men and women in every city, come enjoy our iced volcano in tranquility

Arms wide open with unfeigned affection

With hearts wide open, we cause a turnaround across the end and genesis that we abound.

This, is the booming sound of the Afrikan race


Black is the colour!

Strong is the Armour!

Fierce is the clamor!

Bold is the culture!

It is the sound of the greatest

The sound of the mightiest

The sound of the strongest race

On a pace to a higher phase

Blessed by the wonder of nature

Follow me as we ascend to an ever true great wonder known to the sand of times


Having her home in Tanzania, the great mount Kilimanjaro emerged as Africa’s highest mountain

So in our hearts we rise up to about sixteen thousand feet to protect the ones we love

We grow stronger to attack conflict

We stand sternly to defend our pride

Like the mount Kilimanjaro attracts the sight of many

Our love is coveted by the world

No mountain too high for us to scale

No tides or wave to strong for us to sail

The strength and nature of Kilimanjaro lives in us!

In unity,

In oneness,

In harmony;

Let’s continue with the booming of the sound as we abound in what we have found

We touch the ends of the earth as we resound

Love so strong!

Love so high!

Love so true!

Love so obvious, even to the blind